Vktech® Portable Hand-Held Sewing Machine Mini Clothes Fabric Portable Pocket Review


Vktech® Portable Hand-Held Sewing Machine Mini Clothing Fabric Portable Wallet Review and Specs

This Mini Portable Hand-Held Clothing Sewing Machine is transportable and handy on vacation or travelIt is so small that you can hold this in the palm of the hand. With this mini sewing device, you can do quick modifications on the spot, make crisis repairs at the office, from conventions, at wedding ceremonies or repair the pocket in less than a minuteWorks upon all fabricsMini and Easy to carryDimension: Approx. 11 x 4.5 x 7cm….
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Stitch Sew Quick specs Review

Stitch Sew Quick
This handheld sewing machine compact as well as portable; excellent for on-the-spot maintenance and is lightweight and robust. Repair drapes if you don’t take them down; restore clothing without taking them back; repair bedding with out stripping the bed and a whole lot. This battery operated machine is ideal for silks, denim,wool, leather-based and crafts. Demands four AA electric batteries or a power card (neither is included). This bundle contains the sewing machine, bobbins, fine needles, thread spindle, needle threader ….

As Observed On Tv Handy Sew Handheld Sewing Machine

As Seen On Tv Handy Stitch Handheld Sewing Machine
The actual cordless sewing machine. Useful Stitch is the transportable hand-held sewing machine that packages the power of larger, more costly machines. It’s great for convenient repairs or work that conventional desktop computer machines can’t manage, like sewing curtains during the rod, or even mending a ripped pocket without having to eliminate your pants…..

SODIAL(Ur) Portable Mini Cordless Hand-Held Clothing Sewing Stitch Machine Materials Craft New versus

SODIAL(R) Portable Mini Cordless Hand-Held Clothes Sewing Stitch Machine Fabrics Craft New
* SODIAL is a authorized trademark. ONLY Approved seller of SODIAL sell under SODIAL listings.The products will increase your experience to unequalled inspiration.
SODIAL(R) Transportable Mini Cordless Hand-Held Clothes Sewing Sew Machine Fabrics Build New.
100% Brand New
Can cope with conventional desktop devices cannot handle issues, such as sewing curtain rod
Mend the torn pocket without needing to remove your trousers.
Works on all fabrics
Quick repairs

Coromose Mini Sew Cordless Handheld Sewing Device specs

Coromose Mini Stitch Cordless Handheld Sewing Machine

Fix a torn wallet without having to remove your own pants.

Works on just about all fabrics

Quick maintenance

Fix hems or even shorten slacks

Transportable and convenient


Supporting the bottom of the device with the four fingertips of your right hand after which putting your usb on the top of the machine for the holding the machine firmly

Putting the top of the listle near the needle, and then threads the lisle through the hook by using the threader 2-3 c….

Eyourlife House &Travel Use Mini Portable Cord-less Hand-held Sewing Machine Review and specifications

Eyourlife Home &Travel Use Mini Portable Cordless Hand-held Sewing Machine

Makes Fast Quality Sewing. Light Weight and Compact.
Great with regard to silks, denim, wool, leather-based and crafts
Size Approx:11cm*7cm*2.3cm

Package incorporated:

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